It's Time to Play Outside Now!

The Benefits of Outdoor Play and How to Encourage your Kids to be Active Outside!

By Naida April 5, 2023

In today's world, where children are increasingly glued to screens, it's important to encourage outdoor play and physical activity. Outdoor play has numerous benefits for children, from improving physical health to boosting social skills and creativity. It's springtime, the sun is shining more often and the temperature is rising. This means....time to be outdoors. Here are the benefits of spending time outside and how to encourage your children to stay active and enjoy the fresh air.

Benefits of Outdoor Play

  1. Physical Health

Outdoor play helps children develop gross motor skills, such as running, jumping, and climbing, which are crucial for their physical development. Regular outdoor play also reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.

  1. Mental Health

Outdoor play has been linked to improved mental health, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Being in nature helps children feel calm and relaxed, while physical activity releases endorphins, the body's natural mood boosters.

  1. Social Skills

Outdoor play provides opportunities for children to interact and socialize with others. They learn to share, communicate, and negotiate with their peers, which helps build strong social skills.

  1. Creativity

Outdoor play encourages creativity and imagination. Children can invent games, explore their surroundings, and create their own fun without the constraints of technology or a structured environment.

Tips to Encourage Children to be Active

  1. Provide Access to Outdoor Play Spaces

Make sure your child has access to a safe and stimulating outdoor play space, whether it's a backyard, a park, or a playground. Encourage them to explore and play freely in these spaces.

  1. Make It Fun

Make outdoor play fun by providing a variety of activities and games. Set up obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, or sports games. Encourage your child to create their own games, using their imagination and creativity.

  1. Role Model Active Behavior

Be a role model for your child by being active yourself. Go for a walk or a bike ride together, or play a game of catch. Children learn by example, and if they see you being active and enjoying it, they'll be more likely to follow suit.

  1. Limit Screen Time

Set limits on screen time and encourage your child to spend more time outdoors. Establish a "no screens before outdoor play" rule, and encourage them to spend at least an hour a day playing outside.

  1. Encourage Active Play Dates

Encourage your child to have active play dates with friends. Arrange activities such as hiking, biking, or playing sports together.

Outdoor play has numerous benefits for children, from improving physical health to boosting social skills and creativity. As parents, it's our responsibility to encourage and facilitate outdoor play and physical activity. By providing access to outdoor play spaces, making it fun, being a role model, limiting screen time, and encouraging active play dates, we can help our children develop healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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