CRAFT: Welcome Spring Caterpillar

Simple Project

By Jodi Lorence March 15, 2023
Caterpillars and butterflies are welcome signs of spring. This quick and easy craft project is a delightful way for you and your child to celebrate the new season.


  • construction paper in various colors
  • glue
  • wiggly eyes
  • markers
  • card stock or white construction paper
  • yellow & green paint or markers


First cut circles in various bright colors. No need to be perfect or all the same size. If you child is old enough you could have them trace a circle and then cut around the lines.

Next have the kids paint or use markers to color the grass on the bottom of the card stock paper, and paint or use markers to make a yellow sun in the sky. They can be creative and paint other outdoor friends if they would like. They could add clouds in the sky or paint the sky blue as well. Let their creativity blossom.

Once the paper is dry, start gluing the colored circles to the paper to make a caterpillar. Add wiggly eyes, draw a mouth and antennas and little legs off of each circle except for the face circle.

For the butterfly use 2 circles for wings and draw the body and antennas with paint or markers.

Display your artwork to welcome spring!

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